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Our commercial construction for Waskom, TX and tri-state area businesses is unparalleled when it comes to affordability and utility. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with our post frame design, which can be configured in virtually any way you can imagine. Owning a business can be rough, and sticking to it as you burn the midnight oil and saving every penny can be even rougher. You need every advantage as you create a firm foundation to support your family.

commercial storage options with 5 starr metal builders of texas

Lower your startup cost without having to settle

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Affordable construction allows you to expand your facility quicker

lasting quality star

Lasting quality yields a terrific return on investment

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Build equity instead of paying rent

Commercial Storage Solutions

There’s no better way to save on operating costs than by avoiding rent in favor of an affordable startup cost. These savings are further compounded by the built-up equity that can come in handy later. You’ll be much happier in the long run when you have a place of your own—a place you can configure any way you like, without having to answer to a landlord, pay rent, or deal with neighbors.

outbuilding construction by 5 starr metal builders of texas
post frame construction by 5 starr metal builders of texas
outbuilding construction by 5 starr metal builders in texas

ArkLaTex Commercial Storage Construction

Our extensive experience with making metal commercial buildings has helped us develop a proven procedure that maximizes quality and efficiency for every project we take on. We know exactly what will go into your commercial storage construction project, so there will be no wasted time or material. You’ll be astounded by how quick and proficient our team is as each phase of the project comes and goes like clockwork.

Add to this the warranties offered by 5 Starr, and you’ll be in for a worry-free commercial building that’s all yours.

Joey, Kyle and their crew did an outstanding job!! My building is very well built and the service I received was outstanding. They work hard to ensure satisfaction and timely construction for their customers.
-Steven B.

I absolutely love the set up here! They go beyond expectations to get exactly what you want. We drove from Tyler and enjoyed our visit. Great staff and services.

We really love our new barn house, 5 star does a really great job.

-Greg W.

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