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Lasts for Decades

We’ve completed an average of 200 projects every year since we started in 2003. We’ve relied on in-house contractors for years because we want you to feel secure in your purchase.

When you choose 5 Starr Metal Builders, you’ll get a dedicated in-house team that’s committed to making your build the best it can be.

Metal Builders in Waskom, TX


Whether you’re looking to build a home, storage space, barn, or garage, traditional methods take longer and cost more. That’s money that won’t go to expanding your business, running your farm, or investing in your house. That extra time adds stress as you wait for your build to be finished, hoping it’ll be done on time and on budget.

Post-frame metal builders are faster and more cost-effective than traditional buildings. 5 Starr Metal Builders has spent the last 20 years optimizing our process to make it even faster and more efficient. We’re here to get the job done fast and save you money in the process.

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Build Your Dream Home Quickly and Affordably

You never have to choose between work and play when you choose to have a barndominium in Waskom, TX, built.

Barndominiums offer maximum customization, allowing you to configure the space to your exact needs.

Metal Barns and Agricultural Buildings

We help you take the best care of your farm or ranch possible.

Our R-10 insulation and Energy Star windows keep your herd and equipment protected from the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Our post-frame structures can be finished within three weeks usually, meaning you can protect your investments now rather than later.

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We Don’t Just Handle Homes

5 Starr Metal Builders handles all sorts of residential structures.



Metal shops


RV carports

custom work

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Commercial Metal Buildings in Waskom, TX

Whether you want to start a business on a budget or expand your current venture quickly, post-frame metal buildings are the perfect option.

5 Starr Metal Builders offers structures for all your business needs, including commercial storage, office buildings, and more.

Your Investment is Backed by Our Warranties

Year One
We offer you a one-year workmanship warranty, no matter which build you choose. If anything goes wrong during your first year, it’s covered - you’ll never pay a penny for repairs.

The Next 40 Years
We offer 40-year warranties on both your metal and poles to protect from rust and termites for the long term.

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5 Starr Metal Builders erects high-value, low-cost structures within 100 miles of Waskom, Texas. This allows us to best serve the East Texas and West Louisiana regions. When you’re ready to get started, call us for a free quote.

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