Your farm or ranch is your lifeline. It’s where you’ve invested your hard-earned money.

When you want to protect your livestock and equipment, contact 5 Starr Metal Builders.

We handle 200 builds a year, with many of our projects completed for ranchers and farmers just like you.

When you’re ready to protect your investments, 5 Starr Metal Builders is here to construct the metal buildings in Waskom, TX, you need.

Quickly Protect Your Investments

Post-frame metal buildings go up fast, and they last for years. 5 Starr Metal Builders specializes in efficient builds, usually having yours ready to go within three weeks.

Our buildings are designed to last through the toughest of Texas summers and winters.

Farmers and ranchers love our metal shop buildings for:

  • Keeping their tractors and equipment safe from rain and hail
  • Protecting their livestock from the elements
  • Storing feed, hay, ropes, and all other supplies

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Enjoy Long-term Protection with our Workmanship Warranty

We back our agricultural buildings with a one-year workmanship warranty. We’ll fix any problems in your first year - at absolutely no cost to you.

We keep you protected over the long term with our 40-year warranties on the metal and the poles. If your metal rusts or termites get into your wood, we’ve got you covered.

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Get a Quote for a Metal Building on Your Farm or Ranch

We’ve handled barn construction in Waskom, TX, for years, so we know what your herd or your equipment needs to stay healthy and protected.

When you’re ready to start your build, contact your trusted metal builders in Waskom, TX - 5 Starr Metal Builders - for a free quote.